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We are young, energetic and owners’ managed. We are dedicated in bringing the best results to our clients.


PLANTERS Living Organic Fertilizers

Fortified with inorganic fertilizers specifically to boost the Potassium content for fruit bearing trees, micro-nutrients are also fortified inorganically to achieve a balanced nutrient. Detailed nutrient content sometimes varies slightly from crops to crops as well as customers’ needs…


Living Organic Fertilizers
Pure Organic – Estate Grade

The Estate Grade is the Mother of all our products. It is the first output from the whole Composting Process.

As the name suggests, no value-added work has been performed on the Estate Grade. Hence this is a product for high dosage deployment: Oil Palm and Rubber estates, soil mix for Cash Crops, Fruit Trees cultivation etc…


PLANTERS Liquid Fertilizers

Our liquid fertilizer is extracted compost tea. It has high solubility capability with wide range of trace elements and nutrients. It also contain microbes, probiotic and enzymes to act as an buffer strengthen vegetation health….

We also provide
Customised Nutrient Blending