About Tropical Planters

We started off as a trader for various organic fertilizers in 2008 and have since July 2009, moved towards more specialised service, providing tailor-blending of fertilizers nutrient to suit our clients’ need.

And in late 2010, we have fully committed ourselves into producing own premium PLANTERS Living Organic Fertilizers.

We are young, energetic and owners’ managed. We are dedicated in bringing the best results to our clients.


Towards Sustainable Agriculture

Signifies our commitment towards green and sustainable commercial farming by promoting the usage of organic-based fertilizers for all commercial crops.

Besides, we offer waste management solutions to agriculture and livestocks industries, converting their biodegradable wastes into high grade organic fertilizers to be put back to the soil the they drew nutrient from.

Why Organic Fertilizers?

The agriculture environment has gone from bad to worse with degrading soil health, and drastic change in weather. Poor soil condition has been caused by excessive usage of chemical fertilizers without the replenishment of organic matter, this combination contributes to the diminishing population of soil microorganisms – leading to “dead soil”.

A soil with depleted organic matter content will soon lose it’s water and nutrient holding capacity as Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is reduced.

Over time, nutrient and water leaching rate will increase and not only will this lead to the need for higher fertilizer dosage, it will cause severe pollution to our water source.


We are committed in produce and promote premium PLANTERS Living Organic Fertilizers for commercial farming.

Joint venture in Sarawak with QL Livestocks Sdn Bhd to convert all poultry farm wastes into premium PLANTERS Living Organic Fertilizers.

Capacity – 700 / month

Turnkey project consultant on mill waste management for P.T Rebinmas Jaya Oil Palm Mill at Pulao Belitung, Indonesia. Turning mill waste such as EFB, decanter cake, POME sludge and water into premium quality compost.

Capacity – 1,000MT / month

Joint venture in Sarawak with Boh Ming group to convert all poultry farm wastes into premium PLANTERS Living Organic Fertilizers.

Capacity – 1,000MT / month

Performs value adding to organic fertilizers – fortication with inorganic fertilizers to boost nutrient content for commercial use.

Capacity – 150MT / month

Commences operations as organic fertilizers trader.

Promoting to small-medium size plantation owners.

Trades various organic fertilizers.